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Maryland Charter School Founders' Manual, 3rd Edition

The manual covers the basics of strategic planning, writing the application, fundraising, governance, and choosing an education plan.  New with the third edition is a chapter on High Quality Charter Schools: Creating and Operating and Excellent School.  Other topics include finding a facility, getting parents and the community involved, financial planning, and lessons learned from other founders.

Public Schools of Choice: The Charter Schools of Maryland (DVD)

This DVD was developed as an introduction to Maryland charter schools. Each charter school is different – curriculum, governance structure, etc. Common to all charter schools is a goal of “expanding excellence in education” – increasing academic achievement. Creating high quality public schools of choice. All accountable for outcomes. All take statewide assessments. No one is assigned as a student or staff member to a charter school. Charter schools are public in every sense of the word: tuition free and open to all.

Maryland Model Charter School Application Guidelines

The Maryland Model Charter School Application Guidelines provide useful information and guidance to charter authorizers and charter developers.

Although this model is exemplary as opposed to being mandatory, we encourage its use for the following reasons: 

  • It provides a framework for a charter school developer that covers all of the minimum elements required by the Maryland public charter school law.
  • It provides a standardized format that gives a measure of uniformity in evaluation from charter authorizer to charter authorizer.



The Bottom Line, The Six Myths About the Financial Impact of Public Charter Schools

This publication details the arguments and often sited by school districts regarding the financial impact of public charter school to the existing system.

National Charter Schools Week Toolkit

More publications by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools can be found at


MSDE Model Charter Contract

MSDE Quality Standards Implementation Guide

2011 Charter School Program Evaluation

2007-2008 Charter School Program Evaluation

2006 Charter School Program Evaluation

This evaluation was mandated through the Maryland Public Charter Schools Act of 2003 codified in the Code of Maryland, Education Article, §9-101, et seq. The primary objective of the evaluation as outlined in the Act is to submit on or before October 1, 2006, to the General Assembly, in accordance with §2-1246 of the State Government Article, a report including an evaluation of the public charter school program. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the advisability of the “continuation, modification, expansion, or termination” of the Maryland Charter School Program.

Special Education in Charter Schools:  A Resource Primer for the State of Maryland

This primer was developed to provide guidance to Maryland’s local school systems (charter school authorizers) and charter school developers (operators) as they confront the unique challenges in developing and implementing effective practices to ensure the access and success of students with disabilities in charter schools.



Circular No. A-122, Revised May 10, 2004
Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations

This Circular establishes principles for determining costs of grants, contracts and other agreements with non-profit organizations.